Orson Welles. Howard Hawks. The Zucker Brothers. Those are the names of just a few of the incredibly successful and groundbreaking filmmakers who've come from the state of Wisconsin.

Who will be next?  

Throughout much of their formal education, most kids are rewarded with good grades for memorizing information, learning about the ideas of others - and ultimately - getting the answers right.  But what if we could reward students for coming up with their own ideas? What if we created an environment where it was safe to try something new without worrying about the possibility of failure?

That's the goal of the Sconniewood Young Filmmakers Festival.  When we give young people the opportunity to explore - amazing things can happen. When we give them access to new tools and technology - we will likely be surprised at what they can do.  Of course, not everyone can go on to become the next big Hollywood movie director. However, filmmaking can teach kids many important lessons that they'll use throughout their lives.

  • Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Communication Through Creative Storytelling
  • Project Management
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Leadership Development

Above all - the Sconniewood Young Filmmakers Festival is about giving kids the confidence to pursue their dreams through the realization that if they can imagine it, then they can make it real.

How You Can Help

As parents, teachers and mentors of all kinds, we can help guide children and teenagers on this journey.  If you have skills that can be of assistance to these young filmmakers, teach them what you know.  Give them access to your cameras your computers, your software.  If you're a teacher, you can inspire your students to take this creative opportunity and run with it. Show them that learning can continue outside of the classroom. Show them just how much fun learning can be when you pursue something that truly interests you. Show them the pride they can feel after finishing a project that doesn't come with a grade.

The Sconniewood Film Fest encourages the involvement of adults with student film projects. Just remember - it's not about you. Let these young filmmakers make a few mistakes. Let them lead. Let them create. Let them play.  The Sconniewood Young Filmmakers Festival is a program sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Green Bay -Downtown, a non-profit organization with the primary mission of serving the youth in our community and beyond.  Consider making a donation to this cause so efforts like these can continue!  Contact Us - if you are interested in becoming a Sconniewood Film Fest sponsor.